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Before you send any e-mail or a feedback form for help, support or repair-service :

General Information and Questions:

Hallo German and international guests, we need to optimize e-mail conversation from you to us and from us to you.

=======> Please read this :

  • 1. - If you send us any question for any information about Ascend/Lucent, Cisco, Bay Networks, Centillion, Nortel, Berkeley, Fore or Marcony or other supported hardware units, you need to answer the question page as good as you can. If not, you are blocking our time for qualified answers - and either we must charge you a handfull Euros or Dollars for this - or we must drop your e-mail. So please help us, so we can help you.
  • 2. - If you internally discuss a repair, we did write a lot of information about the shipment-handling and the shipment-costs in this web. Please read it first.
  • 3. - All payment informations (we must make some money with this service) are on the payment page. (look onto the naviagtion buttons on the left)
  • 4. - We try to help as good as possible, but we can not and we will not violate any "property rights" or "copyrights" !!!
  • 5. - And : We cannot know everything and we cannot fix anything on the market. So please be patient, not to expect "toooooo much" from us.

Please notice: RDE no more ships to Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, all requests are wasted time and hopeless.


We have new enhanced payment help and EU payment instructions for our EU customers. Please have a look here.

Please allways fill the subject line of your e-amail, and please avoid words like "porno" or "sex" (as words or sayings), otherwise our spam-filter will kill the incomming e-mail without any notice.

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