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Our pricing (Germany, Euro Land and international) :

New: There is an extra page for payment methods.

The (German) VAT (purchase tax or valuated tax):

You need to understand, that we have a German law, that says : If the RDE people create any value or do any job inside Germany, we have to charge (to add) 16% tax (VAT or purchase tax) onto the invoice. Sorry, ist 19% now, our gouvernment did raise the rate in 2007.

What do we sell :

So we supply knowhow and knowledge (i.e. as a written instruction plan) to you as an international customer, thats a good and we let you do the work. Normally we do not need to charge xx% VAT to internationals, but to all German and EU customers.

The standard charge: (a sample)

We will charge Euro 50.- or US$ 60.- for the Ascend/Lucent MAX 2k/4k/6k password- instruction with minimum help by e-mail.

Currently we are waiting for mor than 10 payments. We did start shipping knowhow before payment was cleared. This makes me sad and we will and we need to wait for clearing first.

The costs charged for service are Euro 22.- or US$ 28.- per 15 minutes. (valid up to dec. 31.2007)

all kind of service (for every 15 Minutes) for detailed instruction in any kind of support by e-mail or over telephone.

The call back rate:

For many countries including USA we have a really good phone rate all over the day and at night (4,5 Euro-Cent / minute), so if you like to get a call back, its no problem. - However - all the time, e-mail is more efficient.


From Nov. 2007 on we have a new almost worldwide flatrate for phoning into many foreign countires, but not to mobile phones. This is for:



  • Kanada und Vereinigte Staaten von Amerika, Australien,
  • Belgien, Niederlande, Luxemburg,
  • Norwegen, Schweden, Dänemark,
  • Irland, Frankreich, Großbritannien (inkl. Insel Man, Kanalinseln, Nordirland),
  • Griechenland, Italien, Polen, Tschechische Republik
  • Österreich, Schweiz, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Spanien, Portugal,



All of us speak English

from sligthly good to excellent (and excellent German of course) and we do understand all technical communication very well.

The better you answer our question page, the faster we can answer and the less time we are wasting.

Please be patient, we cannot help in every situation and with every unit. Some things are very far from our influence.

For the Ascend/Lucent products we did research many nights long over many weeks, to find all aspects of running and serving the Ascend MAXen.

Many old and new documentation is found on our web for free. But our rare time is not free.


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