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What you need to know about intl. freight rates.

International airfreight shipments are calculated bei weight and / or volume like the following formular :

Remember, an airfcraft must be perfectly loaded (optimized) to have a very good usage of the available storage in the airplanes body room and to save gas.

If you count in inches, this is the formular :


High x Width x Depth / 366 = kg (chargeble weight to pay)


Almost all air-companies will charge you in kilogramms plus a lot of extras for handling, pickup and dropping. If your shipment exceeds this weight, you pay the real kilograms.

Then you need to know, that any airfreight package should

not be higher than 1,59 meters or 63 inches,

to fit into a passenger plane. Otherwise its much more expensive.

Wenn Sie in Metern rechnen (mostly in Germany and/or Europe) :

Bitte messen Sie die "über alles" Abmessungen einschließlich der Palette in cm (centimeter).


(Höhe x Breite x Tiefe ) / 6000 = kg (zu bezahlendes Gewicht)


und Sie bekommen das Volumengewicht.

To calculate the freight costs with an Airfreight Company, as a sample, here are the dimensions of the original Ascend boxes :

Model dimensions in cm
MAX 1800 and MAX 2000 60 40 30
MAX 4000 60 40 36
MAX 6000 60 60 36

So, an airfreight company calculates a MAX 4000 using the generic IATA rules as follows : 60cm x 40cm x 36cm divided by 6000 = volume-weight in kilograms = 14,6 kilos

The Ascend MAX including box ( here is an Ascend weight list ) with no extra docs or books has a real weight below 12 kilos.

  • But :
  • The IATA minimum chargeble weigth is 25 kilos. So, however, you pay for 25 kilos minimum weight even if your box is 15 kilos only..
  • In Feb 2003 a MAX 4000 to Sudan calculates as follows: Pickup from RDE in Wiesbaden (15 miles to Frankfurt) to the Frankfurt airport and shipment to Khartoum airport, no papers for customs and no handling at Khartoum airport is 125.- Euro.
  • Making the export papers with RDE is at least 20 minutes as flat 25.- Euro. (If you like. - The airfreight company will charge 48 Euros.)
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