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What you need to know about all kind of shipments.

We are separating all international and domestic shipments in two categories:

  • RDE Emergency shipments
  • RDE Standard shipments

Emergency shipments

must be handled as fast as possible. As a small and efficient organisation, we cannot handle that job ourselvs. We have a cooperation with a Courier Service for fast domestic shipments and with UTI International Airfreight at Frankfurt Airport, which is about 15 miles from us.

Standard shipments

are not time dependant and can be handled without stress. This is much cheaper than emergency shipment, even Airfreight takes a week or more.

Please note, if we ship to locations outside of Germany, we have very few legal arms, to get our property back in case of bankrupcy or criminal activities. All sales must be prepaid.


For all foreign shipments (= outside of Germany) in advance, we are requesting a deposit for the shipped unit in US dollars or in Euro. The value depends on the current average price on the used market and is to be paid to our agent in California / USA or to our bank. A foreign check blocks our shipment for a minimum of 10 days.


For example, a MAX 4000 has a minimum deposit beginning at 800.- dollars, a MAX 6000 has a deposit beginning at 1800.- dollars, a loaded TNT is beginning about 4000.- dollars.

We are moving to DPD Paket Shop service from Dez 2003

on, to handle our standard shipments including tracking. The emergency shipments will be handled by a small courier service company called Freeway Courier Service in Mainz (very close to us).

A list of the shipment costs without packing and handling will be here shortly.


However, shipment tracking over the internet is standard worldwide since some years now and we too must offer tracked shipments. An exception is our overnight service, where you may track the arrival early in the morning yourself.

If we ship back your repaired property, there is a need of the balance of our invoice and customs and/or other additional expences.

No more Deutsche Post or DHL (Nov 2003) !

I can tell you a crazy story.

After some very bad experience of delivery and no public tracking inside Europe, we had to leave the DHL / Deutsche Post. They call their company "Euro Express" or "DHL Express", but it isnt. Its a stupid logo or brand only and has nothing to do with a real "express service". Its remains to be the old German Post from 30 Years ago. Nothing has changed, even they have merged with DHL and changed the name.


My be, it has changed in 2007/2008.

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