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Hallo to all customers (and Ascend MAX owners),

our "hardware"-repair-business is addressed to Euro-Land and Europe. Inside Euro-Land we have no stress with customs and within Europe, airfreight is slightly affordable. If you send your unit with your national post or any parcel service (ground), please ignore all airfreight informations.

To all countries outside Europe we (better : "you") have expensive freight costs. And that makes any MAX repair really expensive. There are some US companies (experts too) on request to help you with a hardware problem. We have them on file. - Software repair and configuration will be arranged and/or done from us worldwide (in cooperation with our US partners).

1.) For hardware repair,

firstly check your shipment costs.

Your unit must go back to you, so you have to calculate the shipping costs twice.

2.) However,

if you have decided to get it fixed from us, you need strong packing material and it must be small and !! light.


For airfreight shipment


every kilo is your money !!


so look for styrophor and you must fill all holes of the box with some pressure. Slightly filled with chips is no good packing!


Below you see samples too, you should NOT pack. It was a huge box with a really small and flat unit.

New :

For airfreight it must be really small. The airfreight companies have a "very special" method to take your money. They convert the volume to kilos, if the box is too big.

So one cubic meter will be charged as 160 kilos, even if its real weight is 80 kilos. For us, it was a very expensive (unexpected) experience, to import several cubic meters on pallets from US and Canada paying a lot (to much) of money.

A second sample not to pack like this. Some very few styrophor parts and nothing else.This will not protect your item and cost a lot for international shiment.

A third sample not to pack a MAX 6000 carefully as needed is this. Some 10.000 bucks are wasted on transport inside Germany. So you see, you need not to ship it around the world, you can kill it locally.

Here is a weight sample :

An Ascend MAX 4000 in its original box with no cables and no manuals is about 12.5 kilos, a MAX 6000 is about 16 kilos real weight !!! But it is much more, because the transport box (even the original Ascend carton) for the chassis is much bigger and so you pay the volume.

More about weight for Ascend is here.

Got to the end of this page for sample shipment informations for MAXen.

3.) When we receive a box

from outside Euro-Land, it will arrive at customs at Frankfurt Airport. From US and Canada all computer components are customs free. All others (as I know) have to pay customs (we have to pay), taken from the value on the "proforma invoice" found in the box.

We need to have a proforma invoice in every !! box with sender, destination and a value reflecting to the broken unit, even from USA and Canada !!!

I would suggest US $ (or Euro) 100.-. If we have to pay customs, we have to charge you. However, I dont know how we (or you) will get these payments back on export.

4.) The box must be labeled clearly

with big letters on it, better twice. You need to know that the box will not be handled carefully from the airfreight people on the airport. These people dont care about what´s in the box.

Our address for all invoices and all worldwide and European shipments (except US shipments - we have a trade office in Fairfield and a bonded warehouse in Sacramento for consolidated shipments to Germany )


RDE Technische Vertriebs GmbH

Kirchbornstraße 2

D-65191 Wiesbaden - Bierstadt

West Germany / via Frankfurt Airport


( If you need a person to address to, use Mr. G. Redlich.

If you ship ground, dont address via Frankfurt Airport)

For airfreight you may add the airport destination and you should add :

notify UTI at Frankfurt Airport.

+49 (0) 6107 704 159 Mr Mueller

They know us and will handle the local delivery to Wiesbaden. You save one or two days. We have no possibilities to pick up a box from the airport or bring any box to the airport, even if its only 15 miles from us. We have rushhour during daytime, it will take one hour or more.


Destination: notify UTI at Frankfurt Airport

RDE Networks Wiesbaden ( our UTI customer # 8398 )

Our Euro Tax ID = DE113951098 (old one up to end of 2006 !!!)

the new one from 1.1.2007 !!!!

Our Euro Tax ID = DE 252450574

5.) - Inside the box there must be the senders address

clearly written, so there is no confusion where to send back the unit. And please put in a copy of the error description too, this can be a printout of the e-mail sent to us or a screen protocol.


Here are some questions for you - please read that page and answer it.

6.) - If you have any agreement with a (your) special air-freight

company, we need to know that before we send back the box.

7.) - You may make impressive ebay deals,

but there are some exceptions.

If we get shipped your MAX directly from your ebay seller in your comission to repair or convert it and it does not finish the initial test, you need to know the following:

  • If we do not have your order to fix it or we cannot fix it in a certain amount of time, and/or spares are to expensive, we will immediately request any decision, what to do with it. It makes no sense, to convert to E1, when the MAX does not work at all.
  • You will get 15 workdays (3 weeks) time to decide, what to do. If we dont get the money to ship it to anywhere, we will offer it in the german ebay as defect or as spares or so and will redirect 50% of the profit to you.
  • We cannot fill all our store rooms with broken and unusable units. Therefore our location is to small and we are no millionairs, that means not yet. - We are working on that.

8.) - Sending any single item to us by US-Post will

cost you 25 bucks (at least) customs handling, which will be done by an ( administration selected ) freight company. This is new, they did close the Wiesbaden customs office to end of 2003.

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